Our bodies are rich with erogenous zones. 

Exploring them is the Ultimate Foreplay.


Thru my playful and imaginative guidance,

you’ll learn the nuances of touch, teasing, energy arousal and breath tools…

  deepening your skills in pleasure and intimacy with a new confidence!


Make it delightful and lighthearted!

The intent of a sensual massage is about 

loosing the need to ‘get’ somewhere or perform.

Both giver and receiver learn to focus on the journey instead of a destination…

allowing you to feel and enjoy your body more in each moment.


Men: How to heat up her feminine yin energy to a slow, rolling boil. 

Women: Learn 2 embody the Dakini ~ slow him down ~ connect him to his heart .


90 - 120 min | $400 - 500

(90 min minimum)

*We'll discuss partner options for this experiential lesson.

Longing to become a Masterful Magician in the Art of Erotic Touch?


Lusting to have your Beloved melting in your hands,

writhing in pleasure ... cooing for more?

Discover the Body's Erotic Language of Pleasure ~ 
Sensual Massage


Imagine ~ 

   Ecstasy…… at your fingertips!