After the Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Traffickers Act, or FOSTA, Craigslist opted to shut down “Casual Encounters” and its other personals sections, explaining in a statement that keeping the sections could leave the site legally liable:


Fabulous Article- "Why Men are so obsessed with Sex"


Here are some resources i have found to be helpful in my life's journey:



Younger next Year - Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy- until you're 80 and beyond - Crowley & Lodge

The Superior Male - David Deida (chk out his website for wkshps and podcasts)

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy - Margo Anand

Great Sex made SImple - Michaels & Johnson

Cockfidence - Celeste & Danielle (has a good website too)

Tantra for the Modern Day Lover - Julia Tindall

The Wisdom of the Ennegram - Ancient tool for personal growth

Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy - Mantak Chia

Daring Greatly - Brene Brown

Passion Play: Ancient Secrets for a lifetime of Health and Happiness through Sensational Sex, by Felice Dunas

The Tao of Sexology – The book of Infinite Wisdom, by Stephen T. Chang

The Complete System of Self-Healing Internal Exercises, by Stephen T. Chang

The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch

Intimate Communication by David Deida

The Tao of Health Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid

The Yin-Yang Butterfly by Valentin Chu

Art of the Bedchamber by Douglas Wile

You are the one you have been waiting for by Richard Schwartz (intimacy and relationship)

Girls & Sex, Navigating the new landscape, social media- Peggy Orenstein 

  (if you are raising kids, great book)

Mating in Captivity- Esther Perel. Brillant relationship therapist



Workshops:  (What does it mean to be a modern, mature man?)

Tantra Wkshps w Charles Muir and Leah Alchin.

Julia Tindall - Yoga, Tantra

Charlie Glickman - prostate

Reid Mihalko - Sex and relationship

HAI (Human Awareness Institute) - exploration of love, intimacy and sexuality

David Deida - Sexuality and Spirituality

Om/One taste, - orgasmic meditation

Alison Armstrong - Understanding Men and Women/relationship.

Intimacy from the inside out (mostly for couples)

Joe Dispenza - Science of change, our beliefs and manifesting.

Cuddle Parties, Tantra Pujas, Play Parties- Monique Darling, Juicy Enlightenment


Dan Savage, Lovecast- Love and Relationship (call in w your questions)

The Butterfly Effect-  The consequences of making porn free and easy to stream online. 

Esther Perel- Where do we begin? (relationship therapist, author of 'mating in captivity')

 (you can find on any podcast app)


For Women:

The Queen's Code - Alison Armstrong (e-book) 

HoneyRoot - Women's Embodiment Retreats.



Paleo (


Patricia Moreno -