Sacred Touch and Sensual Body Awakening~

Sensual Massage for Women​

A Journey of Sensations, that touches your Soul's deepest desires.

Accessing our Life Force, ‘Shakti’ or Creative energy through our bodies is as natural as breathing, except for one thing. We’ve been told to stop, repress, hold back, or reject this place for a multitude of reasons. As women, we have powerful energy based in our ‘sacred sensual center’ – and it is wise, loving, and healing. 


Some like to make Tantra sound mysterious and complex. In my humble view, 

it is fairly simple - your body is the temple, your senses are the gateway and your heart is the key.

Slowly... using exquisite, loving sensual touch, combined with tantric breath, we will relax your mind, awaken your physical body and unlock your soul’s desires. Tantric Massage is a very sacred technique, which is uplifting, energizing and deeply relaxing at the same time. Tantra is the journey that will lead you to the same place over and over again ~ this very moment. Our focus is to feel, to reconnect and remember our embodied sacred sensual energy. This is an opportunity to freely communicate your needs, love our bodies and spark untapped creativity.

You may feel a sense of connection that you have always missed. 

Tantra is many thousand years old. 

So it is good to bring a bit of patience if you would like to explore this path.

My clients enjoy my fresh, open-minded, friendly and 
down to earth approach and my absolute discretion. 

I offer a safe, sumptuous space for you to explore your desires,
in the privacy and comfort of my garden cottage.

We will have a conscious dialogue so that I may listen about 
your needs, boundaries, expectations, fears and desires, 
and I will aspire to help you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Trust me, you haven't been caressed, touched, enlivened like this before!

*This is my calling, my service to you.