Spirits Bloom ~ your's, mine....

 I am deeply appreciative and blessed to witness,

     as you surrender and allow me to journey with you

 in this incredible experience of deep relaxation and

     sacred connection.... on so many levels, as you know.


 You may know that I have been diligently working at paying

    down debt, and that this is how I entered this profession. 

     Who would've known that out of such adversity,

I would have the opportunity to step fully into being the

 Goddess/Priestress/Healer/Sensual Artisan that I am....

    and have come to embody.


 If you would like to honor me, I would be so

grateful to be gifted any amount.

 My paypal acct's name is "Santa Cruz Westside Service".  

                  You can use my personal email address, or                  


                     Choose "Friends N Family".                            


 UPDATE: Thank you everyone! I was able to pay off this loan in Dec,

                   with YOUR help!!! So awesome. Now onto loan #2. (yes, there

                   is another loan-- final loan). Cash tips/gifts are appreciated!

*AND, I'm all about giving back. Here are 2 charities that I give to,

in case you would prefer to gift this way:

Sex Workers Outreach Project


Rescuing children from prostition:



                                          Thank you so very much!