~ Unforgettable Time - Stopping Experience of Bondassage® ~


Mesmerized by  my bewitching green eyes, you acquiesce your will unto me.

As I unhurriedly reach around your neck to buckle the collar,

my hot breath grazes your ear, and I whisper:

"I know how you want to be touched."

Your eager body quivers, irresistibly drawn deeper by my orgasmic touch.

The outside world melts away,

the air is warm and infused with my sensuality.

I move ever so slowly with a feline grace, sending your pulse racing ~

with anticipation of pleasures to come.

You drink in a few last looks with your hungry eyes,

before I place the blindfold on you.

Before you know it, you are lost in sensations...

as I entice all your senses with a relentless,

luxuriating crescendo of tactile indulgence.












Bondassage® is a uniquely original concept.

A delicious, full-body adult experience.

Light bondage,  sensory focusing tools,

devastatingly slow sensual massage and sensation play. 

Elysium® is the slower, softer version of Bondassage. 



Bondassage/Elysium ~

60 min: $360 | 90 min: $460 | 120 min: $560

Santa Cruz ONLY


".... slowly built me up to an explosion that nearly left me brain dead. 
I highly recommend an extended session with this

very talented and interesting woman. I'm sure that her regular FBSM

is off the charts, but the added sensory deprivation and mild pain

from Bondassage raise the experience to another level.

I would go back to see her in a heartbeat and she could edge me all day!"